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34. I love demi bras

forget push ups (not that I need one) or tee shirt bras or plunge bras

demi/balconettes are the best. best shape, most comfortable, etc.

33. I hate the term “unbeliever.”

It just sounds wrong…because it kind of is.

"-un" as a prefix meaning "not" or "opposite of" shouldn’t be attached to a noun. It should be attached to bases that are either adjectives and believer is a noun, not an adjective.

 So in this case, attaching -un to a noun doesn’t mean the opposite of the base, it means the reverse action of the belief, to release from belief. It’s like the relationship in the words undressed, undo, unplug, or unmask…which is, as you can see, usually used with verbs anyway because it deals with actions a lot. So it makes the word unbeliever just plain weird and really an imprecise term.

Thus nonbeliever the most appropriate word, as -non means absence of and negation of. 

32. I want to learn sign language
031. so I openly will tell you I hate Nicholas Spark’s books and the movies about his books. sometimes I feel like I’m the only girl who hates the Notebook. but seriously The Last Song was him and Miley Cyrus together but it made me BAWL MY EYES OUT.
30. honestly I totally preferred my android phone to iPhone 4. It was faster, had better free apps, and was more compatible with my computer.
29. tbh I’m already not enjoying this new season of DW.

I mean I don’t hate it

I like it well enough

but you know it just doesn’t do it for me

028. I love my new phone but the tumblr app I use doesn’t let me edit tags, so I end up reblogging tags sometimes. I feel guiltyyyy
027. Whenever I hug my mom, I can’t help but mumble “are you my mummy?” I do it all the time and she still has no idea where it’s from.
026. I’ve started thinking about stuff I want/will need when I move back into the dorms in September. I think this means I’m starting to look forward to it?
025. I don’t know if I have what it takes for everybody’s regular plan.
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